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 »balloon 4.5' - $109.00»11 ft. Blimp - $461.00»20ft. Dancing Balloon - $488.00
 »balloon 6.0' - $169.00»14 ft. Blimp - $665.00»15ft. Cactus Dancer - $779.00
 »balloon 7.0' - $269.00»17 ft. Blimp - $951.00»20ft. Uncle Sam Dancer - $916.00
 »balloon 8.0' - $339.00»20 ft. Blimp - $1334.00»15ft. 1 Leg Dancer - $614.00
 »balloon 10.0' - $471.00 »15ft. 2 Leg Dancer - $1563.00
 »balloon 12.0' - $996.00 »20ft. 1 Leg Tux Dancer - $1049.00
 »balloon 14.0' - $1530.00  

Advertising Blimps Bring Business!

Advertising Blimps for Less!

Advertising blimps and advertising balloons are an effective and cost efficient way to promote your business, sale or event. We are the premier California blimp dealer.
We have hundreds of advertising blimps and advertising balloons in stock. Custom balloons and blimps are available.
Our advertising blimps are easy to use and re-use. All of our balloon and blimps are made from the highest quality polyurethane. It is lighter, yet stronger than the traditional pvc used in helium balloons and blimps.
We stock balloons and blimps right here in the San Diego area for your immediate purchase or we ship worldwide.
If you need to attract attention to your business, sale or event at a very reasonable cost you should try one of our blimps, balloons or air dancers.

Why purchase your blimp or balloon from us? We exclusively sell helium advertising balloons, advertising blimps and custom advertising balloons manufactured in the USA by one of the oldest and most trusted advertising balloon companies in the world.

Your blimp or balloon will get Results!
Need something today? Need a quote on a custom balloon or blimp?
Give Mike a call @ 619-787-1227 or email him at

  advertising blimp 14ft. - w/o artwork $665.00; with artwork from $1021.00. 100's of blimps in stock! helium blimp 14ft. Polyurethane blimps fly better, use less helium and retain their color better than pvc or nylon blimps. advertising blimp with SEAL Trident. Blimps made in the USA.

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